Making Use of Sealcon Multi-Hole Cord Grips

April 10 2024

Sealcon offers a full range of multi-hole cord grips for securing multiple smaller cables. These cable glands come in black or gray nylon plastic, or nickel-plated brass, and are available in metric, NPT, or PG sizes. A main feature of these strain relief fittings is the interchangeable multi-hole inserts, made from elastomer, which can also be customized to fit your specific cable sizes. The inserts can have anywhere from 1 to 10 holes, allowing you to adapt the cord grip to fit the needs of your application.

For example, if you have a bundle of smaller cables that need strain relief, and you already have a Sealcon cable gland of the same size, you can simply swap out the inserts to fit the cable diameter you need. This makes the multi-hole inserts incredibly versatile. Additionally, Sealcon strain relief cord grips are available with solid plug inserts, which can be drilled to create a custom size fit for a small number of cables. Black nylon plastic cable glands also feature UV protection, ensuring they will resist fading, drying out, or cracking under direct sunlight. The multi-hole cord grips all have a dome-nut, which can withstand vibration. While versions with a flex-nut are not standard, they can be ordered by calling or emailing us. Likewise, if you require a silicone or Viton insert, they may be available upon request.

While these cord grips can meet the NEMA 4x / IP 65 rating, they require careful sizing to ensure compliance. The cable must be at least 80% of the hole size, and the size difference between the cable and hole cannot exceed 1 mm (0.04"). This ensures the cable is properly supported and can meet a liquid tight rating. If you have a solid plug insert, it is recommended that the insert be frozen first, then drill the insert while it is in the fitting. Make sure the size of the hole meets the guidelines stated to provide a proper fit. Inserts are also sold separately to be used with existing Sealcon cord grips.