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Male Form B DIN Connectors

Major Electronix offers two different male Form B DIN 43650 connectors. DIN 43650 (EN 175 301-803) Form B male connectors are available in panel mount style, with a 10mm and 11mm version. The housing is made from polyamide and when plugged in they achieve an IP 65 rating. IP 65 indicates that the male DIN connectors are protected from dust and exposure to water. The male DIN 43650 form B connectors have a wide operating temperature range of -40 C to +125 C and are available in 2 poles + ground. They have a voltage rating of 250V AC/DC and a rated current of 16A. Like the rest of the form B din connectors, they are known for their 3 contact pins, with the 11mm having 3 flat blades or the 10mm having one flat blade and two U-shaped pins facing outward. They are mostly found in hydraulics and pneumatics applications, but are also used in pressure sensors and switches.