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The selection of high bay and low bay LED light fixtures offered through Major Electronix includes those from Euri Lighting. Typically, low bay lights are used for ceiling heights less than 20 feet while high bay lighting fixtures are for ceilings higher than 20 feet. Using the wrong type of fixture for the ceiling height can either mean the light won't properly illuminate the area or the area may be too brightly lit.

Choosing Suitable Low & High Bay Lighting Fixtures
Choosing the right low and high bay lighting fixtures is a matter of the utmost importance. Choose an inadequate lighting fixture and you won’t properly illuminate the area below, which can present occupational hazards. Similarly, utilizing improper fixtures or lighting can adversely affect your energy consumption, driving utility bills up as a consequence.

Suitable for lighting up retail stores, warehouses, gyms, industrial facilities, and more, the low and high ceiling fixtures you use should be compatible with high-quality lighting solutions, with the proper lumen output and directionality, and the proper beam angle for adequate illumination. It’s also critical to choose a type of high bay fixture that’s suitable for the layout of the interior space, for example, by choosing LED linear high bay fixtures for longer structures versus UFO high bay structures for more compact interior spaces.

Thinking about Switching to LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures?
Still running metal halide or other HID lights? You may be able to realize a substantial number of benefits by switching over to LED high bay lights instead. It’s even possible that your current fixtures are compatible with LED retrofit bulbs - but you can contact us to be sure.

Among the following benefits of switching to LED lights from MH lamps are:

● Lower utility costs: LED lights are enormously energy-efficient light sources when compared to MH lamps. They also produce less heat, so you’ll spend less on energy used for lighting and energy used for cooling.
● Longer light lifespan: MH lamps are known for their long lifespan, but many LEDs will last 50,000 hours or even longer.
● Less maintenance (due to longer light lifespan): Since they last longer, you’ll need to expend fewer human resources for the replacement and disposal of lights.
● Eco-friendliness: MH lamps and other HID lamps contain toxic salts and chemicals. LEDs do not; in fact, some LED lights are entirely recyclable.
● A wide range of directionality, luminosity, and color temperature is available. If you have any questions on LED high bay fixtures or LEDs, please feel free to contact our customer service at 800-966-2345!