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Red Lion N-Tron 700 Series Fully Managed Ethernet Switches

The Red Lion N-Tron® 700 series of industrial Ethernet switches are fully managed and made for demanding environments. These Ethernet switches provide a cost effective solution for networking applications. The 708M12 in particular is IP67 rated for dust protection and water exposure, making it the best choice for use in marine and railway applications. The 700 series Ethernet switches are especially useful as Ring Managers, due to Advanced Management features such as N-Ring technology, which can provide diagnostics, ring healing, and greater ring size. Other Advanced Management features include N-View OPC Monitoring, VLAN, IGMP Snooping, QoS, Trunking, and Port Mirroring. The more compact Ethernet switches in the 700 series can be applied to a wide range of uses, including power stations and wind farms. The fiber ports on these switches make them able to communicate over long distances and make them immune to noise.