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*Please note that for most parts the locking nut and O-Ring are sold separately*

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Nylon Plastic Flex Strain Relief Cable Glands

These metric, NPT and PG Sealcon plastic flex strain relief fittings share several features with the nickel plated brass. They share the same pull-out protection and resistance to flame and vibration that the nickel plated brass fittings have. Because they are protected from UV rays, the black nylon plastic fittings are long lasting in sunny conditions and are especially suited for the solar and photovoltaic industries. They have also met the UL standards for water immersion and water exposure as well as UV exposure. Using the flex fittings is one way to keep cables secure while still allowing them some movement if necessary. The flex fittings also protect the cable from kinking and chafing. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including the solar and photovoltaic industries, marine applications, power supplies, pumps and filters, sensors, automation and robotics.