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Fan Guards and Cooling Fan Accessories add protection

The GardTec fan guards and filter assemblies that are handled by Major Electronix help promote greater efficiency by adding protection. The GardTec wire form fan guards have several advantages over other metal fan guards, including less noise, greater heat removal and a 23-30% greater airflow. The GardTec wire fan guards are made of nickel chrome plated steel and also have smooth rounded edges to promote a quieter operation. Along with the wire fan guards, the plastic fan guards range in size from 40mm to 162mm. The design of the GardTec plastic fan guards allows for more airflow, while also creating little noise. No hardware is needed to mount the snap-on plastic fan guards, making them a time saving solution. There are several benefits of using fan filter assemblies, most importantly being that they add greater protection. The GardTec filter assemblies consist of a fan guard, foam filter, and retainer. They help prevent overheating, which can lead to system failure or loss of data. Because these filter assemblies are plastic, they are more cost effective. The plastic fan guards and retainers are all constructed from high impact plastic while the foam filter is made from polyurethane foam. The four varieties of fan power cords can be designed to meet your needs, including tinning, terminal connections and stripping. These GardTec fan cords are specifically made to be used with tube axial fans. They come in lengths of 12", 24", 36", and 60"

Cooling fan guards are made to correspond to the dimensions of the selected cooling fan. It is especially recommended that a fan guard or fan filter assembly be used with a new cooling fan. Both types of fan guards work in a similar fashion. They help keep larger debris away from the fan and also prevent outside objects from coming in contact with the fan blades. GardTec fan guards are made to provide for as much airflow as possible. Another advantage to implementing the use of a fan guard or filter assembly is that it reduces the amount of energy used by the cooling fan. Fans without a high rate of airflow are particularly benefited from the use of a fan guard. By keeping the fan free from contaminants, it keeps the cooling fan operating at its best.

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11/10/2020 - GardTec Fan Guards & Accessories for Cabinet Cooling Fans