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*Please note that for most parts the locking nut and O-Ring are sold separately*

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Sealcon Multi-Hole Strain Relief Cable Glands

The full line of Sealcon strain relief fittings with multi-hole inserts is available through Major Electronix. Also known as Hummel, Sealcon Nylon / Plastic Multi-hole Cord Grips, Strain Relief Fittings, or Cable Glands provide a NEMA 4x (IP 65) Rating. These cord grips can achieve an IP 68 rating with the proper fitting. They are available in metric, PG & NPT sizes with various inserts. The range of inserts can have anywhere from 1 hole to 10, depending on the type of fitting. Solid plug inserts are usually the best solution when needing a custom fit, as they can be drilled to the size you need. When drilling a custom size, make sure the plug is inserted into the cord grip. The multi-hole inserts can be switched out of the cord grips when needed increase their usability. These inserts are perfect when you have multiple cables and need a more customized fit.