Mencom Ethernet Connectors

May 1, 2013

Mencom Ethernet cordsetMajor Electronix is now offering Ethernet connectors from Mencom. A variety of field wireable plugs, receptacles, and molded cable cordsets are available, in either male or female versions. These 4 or 8 pole connectors are useful in many different applications and are made to perform under extreme conditions.Most all of the Ethernet field wireable plugs feature D-coded M12 mating thread. The E45V3 plug is a V3 to RJ45 pass through Ethernet connector. It makes it easier to connect RJ45 cable and works with corresponding receptacles. In an ideal situation, the Ethernet field wireable plugs should be used with Mencom cables, to ensure a proper fit.

Different versions of Ethernet receptacles can come with or without lead wire, with some featuring an RJ45 plug. Like the plugs, the Ethernet usually feature M12 D-coded mating thread. Several V3 to RJ45 receptacles are also available.

Molded cable cordsets with or without RJ45 plugs are also offered, in 2, 5 or 10 meter cable lengths. Extension cordsets can be male to male, female to female or male to female. The cordsets are distinctive for their mostly teal colored cable, as opposed to other Mencom molded cables which feature mainly black or yellow cable. The Ethernet cordsets use twisted pair cable, which can be jacketed in PVC or polyurethane. They also feature 24 AWG 7/32 tinned copper conductors. The cable is oil resistant and is able to stand up to UV exposure.