Push Button & Selector Switches from Deca

November 28 2017

Push Button & Selector Switches from DecaMajor Electronix now carries a selection of push button and selector switches from Deca. As part of the A20 series, these switches are intended for 22mm mounting holes. This series includes many different types of switches, including standard push buttons, mushroom head, emergency stop, and 2 or 3 position selector switches, both with or without a key. They carry both North American and European standards, and are rated IP 65 for dust and water protection. What makes this series unique is the removable contact block, so less effort is required for installation or removal. The non-lighted switches have matte finishes to minimize reflection, while the lighted versions are designed so they can more easily be seen from different angles.

Almost all the different types of A20 series switches can have either a plastic or metal bezel, and are available in maintained or momentary versions. Most of the push buttons and selector switches can come in one of several different colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black. The selector switches that come with a key come in black. The mushroom head push buttons have a 40mm diameter, and can have a flush mountable metal bezel. The selector switches can be maintained in 2 or 3 positions, have an automatic spring return from the right side, or a spring return from both sides. Illuminated versions of the A20 series are rated for 12V, 24V, or 110V. The emergency stop switches have a twist lock design. Pushing it locks the switch in place and twisting it resets the switch.

Separate accessories for the A20 series, such as caps and protection covers, as well as push button operators and contact blocks, are also available.