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ILME Rectangular Hoods

The full line of ILME rectangular hoods handled by Major Electronix are available in a number of different sizes and styles. Most hood enclosures are constructed from die cast aluminum though some of the 21.21 hoods are plastic. Insulating hoods are thermoplastic. Rectangular hoods feature top or side, PG or metric size cable entries and are made to fit on corresponding rectangular bases. Many of the rectangular enclosures have one or two pegs for one or two lever bases, while a few come with levers. Like the other enclosures, rectangular hoods are made to resist stress and impact. These hoods have an IP 66 rating, indicating protection from dust and water jets in any direction. The various sizes of rectangular hoods include 21.21, 32.13, 44.27, 49.16, 57.27, 66.16, 66.4, 77.27, 77.62, 104.27 and 104.62. Sizes refer to the insert center distance, such as 21 x 21 mm, 32 x 13 mm, and so on. They can be used for a number of different purposes, including electronic machines, control equipment and electrical panels. Specialized versions for electromagnetic compatibility, high temperatures, or aggressive environments are also available.