Overview on EternaBond Sealant Tape

June 6 2023

The line of EternaBond Sealant Tape and Leak Repair Products available through Major Electronix includes several types of items useful for commercial roofing and industrial leak repair. These sealant tapes use MicroSealant Technology that creates a permanent watertight seal on a surface. They can stand up to temperature extremes as well as exposure to light. EternaBond tape is easy to apply and in most conditions needs little to no prep work. First make sure the surface is clean from dirt and debris. Then remove the adhesive lining as the tape is being applied. After laying down the tape press down on it to activate the bonding process and remove any air bubbles. This can be done with your hand or a roller.

EternaBond sealant tape is currently available in three different types, including AlumiBond, DoubleStick, and RoofSeal. AlumiBond features an aluminum backing, making it ideal for tank repair, ductwork repair, or metal roof repair. Since it needs no UV protection, AlumiBond is also perfect for use in other outdoor applications. Some of the metal surfaces it works with include carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminum foil. It is designed not to harden or crack. As the name suggests, DoubleStick tape features adhesive on both sides. It is easily molded and can be used to bond two different surfaces or be shaped to act as a gasket. It’s perfect for use around skylights or as a lap sealant. RoofSeal is designed for use during roof installation, as it can be used for sealing roof joints and tears, flashings and copings. It can stick to a wide variety of roofing materials and is available in black, white, gray, or tan. RoofSeal PLUS has nearly double the thickness of RoofSeal, for even greater protection.

EternaPrime and EternaCaulk are other products designed to assist in leak repair. EternaPrime is a surface conditioner that is sprayed on before EternaBond tape is applied. It is used for surfaces that are difficult to clean, have loose particles, or are porous. It is also used to prep a surface if EternaBond is being applied in below freezing temperatures. It helps form a more solid surface for the tape to adhere to. EternaCaulk is available in white, clear, or black and can be used alone or along with EternaBond tape to provide a more finished appearance. Also available is a steel roller to help provide an even pressure and remove air bubbles when applying EternaBond tape.