Suns Safety Limit Switches

August 30 2016

Suns SND4 Series Safety Limit SwitchesNew to our online store is the line of limit switches from Suns, starting with the SND4 series of safety limit switches. Safety limit switches are useful in a number of different applications, including industrial automation, material handling, packaging machinery, machine tools, and injection molding. As the name suggests, a limit switch can be used to control, or limit, the operation of an object, such as a piece of machinery. This is done through some kind of switch operator. The Suns SND4 series includes a number of different operators to suit your needs, including fixed & adjustable rollers, various actuators, plungers, or levers.

The SND4 series has several features common to all the switches in the series. They all have glass fiber reinforced plastic housings, which promote greater durability. They also can better withstand harsher environmental conditions, such as extremes in temperature. The contacts are galvanically isolated for a safer operation, with a positive opening for normally closed contacts. The screw terminals feature self lifting clamps to make the wiring process more efficient. They have life span of 10,000,000 mechanical cycles and 500,000 electrical cycles. They carry an IP 67 rating for protection from dust and temporary immersion in shallow water (up to 1 meter).

All the housings are single conduit, with 1/2" NPT or M20 cable entries. The contact blocks are snap action, slow action, slow action changeover, or slow action overlapping. They can feature one normally open contact with one normally closed contact, or two normally closed contacts.

These switches can be crossed with several different manufacturers. Please see our Suns cross reference charts if you are unsure which Suns switch is right for your application.