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5001 Blue Cap - 5001-0025 Major 5001 Blue Cap - 5001-0025 In Stock
Our Price: $2.50
5001 Cam Shaft - 5001-0015 Major 5001 Cam Shaft - 5001-0015 In Stock
Our Price: $75.45
5001 Circuit Board - 5001-0401 Major 5001 Circuit Board - 5001-0401 Call for Availability
Our Price: $534.27
5001 Cutting Head - 5001-2001 Major 5001 Cutting Head - 5001-2001 Low Stock
Our Price: $852.39
5001 Manual Switch - 5001-0002 Major 5001 Manual Switch - 5001-0002 In Stock
Our Price: $25.29
5001 On/Off Switch - 5001-0001 Major 5001 On/Off Switch - 5001-0001 In Stock
Our Price: $18.66

Major 5001 Wire Stripping Machine Parts

Replacement parts for Major's line of Wire Stripping Machines are also available individually and sold separately. This includes replacement blade sets for the Major 5001, 5002 and 5003 wire stripping machines. The 5001 set of blades consists of four cutting blades and 4 screws. Also included are a number of parts of the Major 5001 wire stripper, such as wire sensors, clamping heads, plastic pointers, replacement feet, manual switches and knobs, gauges, circuit boards, scrap drawers, face plates, screws, and the motor and clutch assembly. Replacement feet for the 5001 wire stripping machine are sold in sets of four. Adjustment knobs can customize the settings for stripping length and wire diameter. Scrap drawers collect the stripped insulation and are removable so they can be emptied. Major also sells the clamping cam kit which includes the clamping, stripping, cutting & stopping cams that are located on the cam shaft of the machine.