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Industrial Connectors for various applications

Major Electronix offers a line of circular and rectangular industrial connectors from Hirschmann. The circular connectors include the CM series and the CA series. The CM series control connectors are made from glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is impact resistant. The locking screw creates a permanent connection while it is easily assembled with incorporated strain relief. The ST series and G series comprise the Hirschmann rectangular supply connectors. The ST series is known for being durable and space saving. Made for smaller applications, the G series is very useful under harsh conditions. The four different series that comprise these control and supply connectors are especially suitable for a number of applications and industries. The rectangular industrial connectors include the ST series and the G series. Featuring polyamide housing with brass contacts, the ST series is used primarily for signal transmission or for supplying power. The G series, on the other hand, is composed of a polyamide housing with tin contacts and is made to perform under extreme conditions. The G series can be ideal for sensors and actuators, while its space saving design also makes it suitable for smaller drives and sensors, including underground applications. The CM series and CA series are circular industrial connectors. The CA & CM series industrial control connectors are also constructed from polyamide, with silver contacts. Besides the traffic control and manufacturing industries, the CA series will be useful in the photovoltaic industry. The CM series industrial connectors can also be used in many of the same industries as the CA series, including pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Also available are circular industrial connectors from Cnlinko. Cnlinko connectors work for power, signal, or data applications, depending on the series. They are especially useful in audio and lighting equipment. Some have unique features such as a push button for easy release.

We also carry a line of Meltric circular power connectors, which are made to increase safety as well as provide a dependable connection. They have several features designed to prevent accidents caused by arc flash. These connectors are useful in many different industries, such as the food industry, mining, power plants, and waste water facilities. There are plugs and receptacles made for standard duty and hazardous locations, as well as the multipin connectors and the Decontactor series. The Decontactor series is especially suited for applications that need to be water tight.

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