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Push Button Enclosures

LiteCycle and Saginaw push button boxes are available through Major Electronix. The LiteCycle push button enclosures feature colored resin lids in Caution Yellow or Emergency Red, to make them easier to spot. The red color is especially useful for emergency stop switches, and both colors are made to be long lasting without fading. These push button boxes can have 22 mm, 25 mm, or 30 mm entries, and are made from PBT plastic. The PBT plastic makes them able to withstand higher temperature environments. LiteCycle push button boxes are made to be oil resistant for easy cleaning, and also feature molded knockouts for a time saving installation. Enclosures from Saginaw Control & Engineering are carbon steel, with a flat or a sloped front. They have 22.5 or 30.5 four way standard entries. Number of entries ranges from 1 to 16, in various configurations. They can work with nearly any brand of oil-tight push button, pilot light, or switch. Extra deep and hinged lid Saginaw push button boxes are also available.