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Mini Male Straight Molded Cordsets

Mencom MIN series, or mini-change, male straight molded cable cordsets offered through Major Electronix are available in three different sizes. MIN Size I is for 3-6 contacts, with a 7/8" mating thread. MIN Size II has 6-8 contacts, with 1" mating thread. MIN Size III has 9-12 contacts with 1-1/8" mating thread. Cable lengths are measured in feet, ranging from from 3 to 30 feet. Standard cordsets have a North American color code, however some feature a European color code (MINE) or a European Cenelec color code (MINC). Most cordsets also have PVC cable, while those designated with a MINP in the part number have PUR cable. Armored cable options are also available. They can be used for many different applications such as solenoid valves, limit switches, motion sensors, and float switches