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GardTec Wire Form Fan Guard GardTec SC1000-W10 254mm Wire Form Fan Guard Usually ships in 3 business days
Our Price: $1.95
GardTec 120mm Fan Guard GardTec SC120-W2 120mm Wire Form Fan Guard Usually ships in 3 business days
Our Price: $0.62
Wire Form Fan Guard 60mm GardTec SC60-W3 60mm Wire Form Fan Guard Usually ships in 3 business days
Our Price: $0.59

Wire Form Fan Guards have many advantages over other types of fan guards

The GardTec wire form fan guards have several advantages over sheetmetal guards, including less noise, greater heat removal and a 23-30% greater airflow. These wire form fan guards are made of nickel chrome plated steel with smooth rounded edges to promote a quieter operation. The sleek modern design of the wire form fan guards provides aesthetic appeal. GardTec wire form fan guards only block approximately 5% of the airflow, as opposed to mesh screens which can block up to half. This allows the fan itself to operate at a slower speed, thereby reducing noise. Wire fan guards are also helpful in keeping dust and debris away from the fan. Allowing heat to build up inside electronic appliances greatly reduces their lifespan. The ability of wire fan guards to promote heat dissipation makes them necessary in keeping electronic equipment cool. These metal fan guards are made to be especially useful in electronics manufacturing, but can also be implemented for personal use. Many of the wire fan guards can be cross referenced with Qualtek.

Wire form metal fan guards correspond to the cooling fan of the same size. They are essential cooling fan accessories, affecting fan operation as well as to its overall life expectancy. It is especially recommended that a fan guard be used with a cooling fan. Wire form fan guards keep larger debris away from the fan and also prevent outside objects from coming in contact with the fan blades. If a fan guard is too obstructive, it can cause hot air to build up inside the equipment, which can cause damage. GardTec fan guards are made to provide for as much airflow as possible. Another advantage to implementing the use of a wire form fan guard is that it reduces the amount of energy used. Fans without a high rate of airflow are particularly benefitted from the use of a fan guard.