New! Post Top & Bollard LED Corn Cob LED Lights

January 11 2021

LED Post Top & Bollard LightsNew from Light Efficient Design is their line of newly designed post top and bollard LED corn cob lights. These LED lamps increase the versatility of their predecessors, to make them compatible for more fixtures and applications. Features such as a more compact size or the use of Flex Color technology make them useful for a wider number of installations.

The 7th generation of the Light Efficient Design LED post top lights have a newly redesigned housing and have a smaller size than their older counterparts. This allows them to fit inside more fixtures. For example, the new LED-8024 series is nearly 2 inches shorter than the generation before, while the new LED-8027 series is nearly 3 inches shorter and has a smaller diameter as well. They have a hexagonal shape as opposed to the more cylindrical shape of the previous models, with a cap on top. They also feature dust and insect protection, as well as integrated surge protection. These LED lamps come in 35, 45, 65, or 95 watt versions, in 3000K, 4000K or 5000K. Like the previous versions, they still have an active cooling fan to keep temperatures down.

Light Efficient Design’s new bollard lights have Flex Color technology, which is the same technology used on some of the LED light fixtures and retrofit kits. Three different color temperatures are available in one bulb, reducing the number of lamps needed for an area. Color temperature is easily selected between 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K by adjusting the switch on the outside of the housing. Bulbs arrive set at 4000K by default. They are offered in 11, 14, 18, or 24 watt versions. These LED bulbs also feature protection from dust, insects, and power surges.

These new lights are a direct replacement to previous generations. The older versions of these LED corn cob lights are being phased out as the stock sells out. For example, the LED-8027-G7 lights replace the LED-8027-A lights. A single LED-8029 Flex Color bulb can take the place of all three individual LED-8029 lamps from the previous generation. Post top lights with the Flex Color option are also coming soon.