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DIN 43650 Form C Hardwired Specifications

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Form C Hardwired DIN 43650 Connectors without Circuits

Major Electronix offers a variety of Form C Hardwired DIN connectors that can be used in a number of different areas. These DIN 43650 Form C Hardwired female connectors come with 8 or 9.4 mm pin spacing versions and no circuit. They are offered in 2 Pole + Ground & 3 Pole + Ground versions. Available from Hirschmann, HTP, and Omal, these DIN 43650 connectors are constructed from polyamide with the Hirschmann DIN connectors having tin contacts and the Omal Form C connectors having silver plated copper contacts. The Hirschmann connectors are available with or without a gasket. Gasket options include NBR profile, NBR flat, and EPDM flat. HTP DIN Form C connectors have an NBR gasket. The Omal connectors come with a thermoplastic flat gasket. They feature PG 7 cable entries and are most commonly used with solenoid valves, although they prove useful with hydraulics and pneumatics applications as well. Form C hardwired DIN connectors are also found with pressure sensors and switches, optical, limit and proximity switches.