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Red Lion N-Tron 7000 series fully managed & gigabit Ethernet switches

As with the 1000 series, the Red Lion N-Tron ® 7000 series also features gigabit capable industrial Ethernet switches. Unlike the 1000 series however, these switches are fully managed. The 7000 series includes both small, space saving Ethernet switches as well as the larger 26 port rackmount Ethernet switch (7026TX). This series of switches also includes the 7506GX2, which is gigabit switch ideally suited for security, surveillance and other especially demanding applications. Several of them have fiber connections, which makes them ideal for high bandwidth networks. The 7000 series is able to support the faster speed and larger data files required in these networks. A number of these Ethernet switches have N-Ring technology, which makes them especially useful as a Ring Manager or Ring Member. N-Ring technology can run diagnostics on the ring, give updates on the status of the ring, provide ring healing and greater ring size. The 7000 series also has all the Advanced Management features of the other fully managed switches, including N-View OPC Monitoring, VLAN, IGMP Snooping, QoS, Trunking, and Port Mirroring.

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