GardTec Fan Guards & Accessories for Cabinet Cooling Fans

November 10 2020

A wide variety of cabinet and computer cooling fan accessories are available from GardTec. This includes wire form and plastic fan guards, fan cords, fan filter assemblies, and cooling fan kits. GardTec has been in business since 1987 and specializes in fan accessories. They can be found in such applications and industries as automation, medicine, computers, automotive, food processing, and telecommunications. Cooling fans are typically used to keep the internal electronic components of a computer or cabinet at a safe temperature.

The wire form and plastic fan guards are used as a barrier to keep larger pieces of debris away from the fan. They also protect fingers and other objects from coming in contact with the fan blades. The best fan guards should also allow for sufficient airflow to avoid overheating. Wire form fan guards range in size from 25 mm to 254 mm (1" to 10"). As opposed to sheet metal guards that have flat edges, these wire form fan guards have rounded edges that allow for more direct airflow. The rounded edges also have 23-30% greater airflow than sheet metal guards, allowing for higher efficiency. The plastic fan guards range from 40 mm to 162 mm (1.6" to 6.4"). They provide a cost-effective solution that also keeps noise levels to a minimum. Some plastic fan guards are installed by screwing them onto the fan, while others are snap-on versions that don't need any hardware to install.

Plastic fan filter assemblies consist of three components: a retainer, foam filter, and fan guard. They range from 40 mm to 162 mm. When dust and other small particles need to be kept away from a fan, using a fan filter is key. The foam filters range from 30 to 100 PPI (pores per inch). A smaller number indicates a lower amount of open cells per inch in a filter. A higher number indicates the filter will block more particles but also have less airflow than a lower number filter. The foam filters are made from polyurethane and are washable.

GardTec fan cords are available with several different types of connectors with lengths varying from 12" to 96" depending on the type. They can have a 45 degree, 90 degree, T-style, or straight connector. Versions are also available with a 2-prong NEMA 1-15P plug. Green fan cords come with a built-in thermostat that saves energy by controlling when the fan comes on. They are designed to have the fan come on when the temperature reaches 88 F and will have the fan shut off once the temperature drops below 80 F. GardTec's fan cords are all made in the USA.

For added convenience, the cabinet cooling fan kits prevent having to buy all separate components. They come with a cooling fan, fan guard or filter assembly, and a fan cord. Cooling fans are 120V or 230V AC, and range from 80 mm to 254 mm (3.15" to 10"). They can feature either a standard fan cord or a green fan cord with thermostat. Fan cords that come with the kits are all 72" in length and all have 45 degree connectors.

Many GardTec fan accessories can be crossed with parts from other manufacturers. See our cross-reference charts for more information.