Red Lion PAX Series Panel Meters

June 3 2016

Red Lion PAX Series Panel MetersThe PAX series of Red Lion panel meters offers a variety of units that can indicate rate, time, temperature, count, and other functions. They are part of Red Lion's 'intelligent' line of panel meters, which includes features for advanced performance. These panel meters have a 1/8 DIN housing, with a red or green LED display that shows 5 or 6 digits, depending on the model. The red displays are made to be readable even in the sun, while the green displays are recommended for indoor use. AC or DC powered, their voltages can range from 85-250 VAC or 11-36 VDC. The front panel is rated NEMA 4X/IP65, meaning the front panel is protected against water jets and made to resist corrosion.

The PAX series panel meters have units that can be used for digital applications. The PAXC series are Dual Counter panel meters, which are useful for counting totals, presets, or batches. The PAXCK panel meters work as a timer or as a clock, as they have real-time capability. Date & time can be displayed in a variety of ways, including 12 or 24 hour time, showing hours & minutes, or hours, minutes & seconds. Adjustments such as leap years or Daylight Savings are automatically accounted for. On the other hand, the PAXTM range are strictly timer panel meters, which are used for time control applications or to show elapsed time. These panel meters do not have a real-time clock. The PAXI series are Dual Counter/Rate panel meters, perfect for preset counts, batch counts, or rate control applications. PAXR panel meters simply display rate, and can be used for rate control or rate indication.

Analog applications are covered by the PAX series as well. The PAXD series are analog panel meters for DC current & DC voltage, while the PAXH range handles AC current & AC voltage. Panel meters from the PAXDP and PAXP range are process meters. PAXDP are Dual Process, being able to display two 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC input signals. PAXP takes 20mA or 10 VDC input. PAXS are strain gage input panel meters, accepting load cell, pressure, or torque bridge inputs. For RTD temperature or thermocouple temperature applications, the PAXT series panel meters are useful. They can show temperature in either a Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.

A useful characteristic of the PAX series is the ability to further customize through the use of field upgradeable option cards, which have plug and play capability. The panel meters have 3 three slots for adding option cards, with 1 slot each for serial communications, analog output, and setpoint output. Communication options include such protocols as Modbus, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP. Being able to use option cards is a more cost effective solution, as the panel meter functions can be adapted as the needs of the application change. This prevents having to purchase new panel meters whenever requirements vary.