Industrial Lighting Fixtures from Shat-R-Shield

October 21 2016

Shat-R-Shield industrial LED light fixturesThe latest addition to the Major Electronix online store is the selection of industrial LED lighting fixtures from Shat-R-Shield. This line includes high bay, low bay, and vapor tight luminaires. They are designed for efficiency and durability, while also bringing the benefits of LEDs, such as a long lifespan and lower overall maintenance costs. They allow the user to upgrade by replacing the entire fixture, and the housings are made to coordinate with traditional light fixture designs.

The high bay and low bay lights are available in a few different varieties. They can feature prismatic or aluminum reflectors. Versions with prismatic reflectors also have the option of a protective lens cover. The aluminum reflectors create a tighter beam angle, directing the light mostly downward. A prismatic reflector allows some light to shine through, providing a more all-around beam. The high bay lights are made for heights of 20-30 feet, while the low bay lights are intended for ceiling heights 20 feet and under.

A feature of this line is the Incoplas vapor tight luminaires. These light fixtures are innovative with their thermal plastic housings, and are ideal for use under harsh conditions. They can stand up to corrosion and damp or wet environments, while also having a wide operating temperature range. Heat is drawn away from the light due to the conductive material, and the design of the housing allows water to easily slide off. These lights are useful for such applications as food processing plants, subways, parking garages, and car washes. Possible accessory options include a 6 foot cord with 120V plug or aircraft cable to allow for suspended mounting.

All of the light fixtures have a color temperature of 5000K, indicating a very bright light that more closely mimics outside daylight. Many of them carry a number of approvals such as UL, CUL, RoHS, and DLC.