Mencom DP-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector

January 15, 2014

Mencom DP-RJ45-R-32The Mencom DP-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector (PIC) features two 120V receptacles, a Female/Female Ethernet and a 3 Amp resettable fuse. The housing is size 32, making it a wide square shape that is bulkhead mountable. The size 32 housing is the second largest available. Size 32 housings are 5 inches wide and 5.2 inches tall when the lid is open. The housing is rated for NEMA Type 12, 4 & 4x for protection against dust, water and corrosion. The 120V receptacles are able to accept up to two grounded power cords while the 3 Amp fuse is standard, so the power output can be better controlled. The female RJ45 socket will help keep you connected to your network.

Like other PICs, the DP-RJ45-R-32 increases the safety factor in your workplace, allowing access to the inner components of the control panel without needing to open the panel door. It attaches to the outside of the panel, while an inside terminal block provides the inside power via screw connections. Using a PIC also eliminates the risk of an Arc Flash. An Arc Flash occurs when there is a malfunction between electrified conductors. This causes a short, which can lead to an explosion because the nearby air has been ionized. This also reduces the need to have specially trained personnel to deal with such hazards.

The DP-RJ45-R-32 is only one of many different variations of PICs available through Major Electronix.