Sealcon M23 Circular Connectors

June 26, 2015

Sealcon M23 ConnectorsThe newest addition to our online store is Sealcon M23 circular connectors. These signal connectors are known by their M23 mating thread and are useful in a wide variety of applications. They feature housings typically made from die-cast zinc or copper zinc alloy, with gold plated brass alloy contacts. The surface on the housings can be nickel plated or nickel plated brass. The wide range of pin counts varies from 6 to 19 poles. The line includes hardwired and panel-mount connectors, with different versions having male or female threads.

Sealcon M23 connectors are purchased with all the components chosen separately. This makes it easier to customize based on the requirements of the application. This includes housings, male or female inserts and optional crimp contacts. Inserts can have solder contacts, dip solder contacts, or no contacts. Choosing an insert with no contacts is intended if you plan to get separate crimp contacts. Inserts with solder or dip solder contacts will not require you to purchase extra contacts.

These M23 connectors have several different features and benefits. The hardwired connectors have integrated strain relief. This streamlines the process so there is no need to purchase cable glands separately. Socket contacts have Spring Loaded Sockets, which are ideal for high vibration areas. It also makes for a more dependable connection while under the demands of the industrial environment. As an additional benefit, installation or removal of contacts can be done without needing special tools. The chances of causing damage are then reduced in case the contacts need to be taken out or installed more than once.

To order, first select the housing with the pin count you need, then select your insert (male or female, with or without contacts). You can then choose your crimp contacts if you need them. Contacts are sold in sets according to the pin count of the insert.