Light Efficient Design LED-8036 Utility Lights

March 31, 2014

Light Efficient Design LED-8036 LightsThe Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights are unique in that they have a slender neck. This makes them more versatile and allows them to be used in more types of fixtures, such as recessed canopy lights. These utility lights also work in almost any other type of high bay or low bay application, in commercial or industrial areas.

As part of the 8000 series, the Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights are made to be retrofitted into existing light fixtures. This is saves the time and cost of having to install new fixtures when upgrading to LEDs. They are available in two different color temperatures and feature enough LEDs to emit an even distribution. They feature the single contact, screw-in base that is common for these types of bulbs. Like other LED lights, the LED-8036 lights are safer for the environment, as they do not contain lead or mercury. These 100W lamps will save on energy consumption costs because they can replace 250W M58 or 320W M132 metal halide lamps.

The color temperature on these lights refers to how bright the light is. Higher temperatures are closer to daylight and generally have more blue undertones. Lower temperatures tend to have more yellow undertones. Different color temperatures will also usually emit a different output of light, which is measured in lumens. The LED-8036 bulbs come in 5700K daylight to meet the needs of the application.

The Light Efficient Design LED-8036 utility lights are metal halide ballast compatible, meaning they do not use a line-in voltage and have plug-and-play operation. They are designed to work only with pulse start or probe start magnetic MH ballasts.