A Look at GardTec Plastic Fan Filter Assemblies

July 12 2022

Gardtec fan filter assemblies

If dust or dirt reaches the inside of a cooling fan, the system can potentially start to overheat. Overheating can lead to equipment damage, system failures, or the loss of data. Likewise, it’s a good idea to keep external objects away from rotating fan blades. A fan filter assembly, such as those from GardTec, will solve both of these issues.

GardTec fan filter assemblies include a fan guard, foam filter media, and retainer. The fan guard and retainer are made from impact resistant plastic, while the filter media is made from polyurethane. They can fit fan sizes ranging from 40mm (1.57”) to 162mm (6.38”). Most are square, with the 162mm versions being round.

The plastic components are made to meet UL94-V0 flammability standards. UL94 refers to flammability standards for plastics, while the V0 rating indicates that burning on the surface will stop within 10 seconds. The foam filter meets a flammability rating of UL94 HF-1. This means burning stops within 2 seconds, with an afterglow lasting less than 30 seconds.

The fan guards all use screws to install, rather than being a snap-on installation. The foam filter media ranges from 30 to 100 pores per inch (PPI). The higher the PPI number, the closer the foam weave is. Therefore a 100 PPI filter will be able to block smaller particles than a 30 PPI filter. However, a 100 PPI filter is not always necessary, particularly in environments that stay relatively clean.

When selecting a fan filter assembly, make sure it matches the cooling fan’s dimensions. GardTec fan filter assemblies can be crossed from other manufacturers. GardTec fan filters are also made to allow for the greatest amount of air passage while minimizing noise. The fan guard, foam filter, and retainer are all available as separate components in the event that replacement parts are needed.