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ILME Rectangular Multi-Pole Connectors

The line of rectangular multipole connectors from ILME includes rectangular covers, male and female inserts, hoods and bases. These connectors come in a wide range of specifications, fitting a number of different size enclosures. ILME connectors are known for being reliable and innovative, with most all of them meeting the Low Voltage Directive. The inserts are plastic and made to resist flame while the bases can be made from different combinations of materials to make them appropriate for certain types of applications.

Major Electronix handles a wide variety of ILME rectangular multipole connectors. These rectangular connectors can be used for a number of different purposes, including electronic machines, control equipment and electrical panels. The sizes of these connectors can range from 21 x 21 mm to 104 x 62 mm, so there is sure to be a set of connectors to fit the size your application requires. The rectangular inserts can be made from thermoplastic which is self-extinguishing, with brass contacts. Rectangular multipole inserts can have as few or as many contact points as you need. They fit inside a compatible base which corresponds to the size of the insert. Rectangular housing bases can be bulkhead mounted or surface mounted. They are mainly constructed from die cast aluminum although some of the smaller size bases are polyamide. Various styles of bases can include one or two levers, with or without a cover. Some rectangular housings are double size to accommodate up to two corresponding inserts, while the surface mount housings all feature one or two side cable entries in various sizes. The selection of rectangular hoods can also be polyamide or die cast aluminum and are made to fit on a compatible rectangular base. The hoods and bases are made to be resistant to stress and impacts. Various accessories for the rectangular multipole connectors, such as separate covers and crimp pins, are also available.

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