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Red Lion N-Tron 1000 series Gigabit Ethernet switches

The Red Lion N-Tron® 1000 series industrial Ethernet switches have gigabit speed capability as well as plug-and-play operation. Gigabit capable switches can support at least 1 gigabit (1,000,000,000 bits) per second, making them very fast. These unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches have a space saving design and a wide operating temperature range, making them ideal for harsh environments. The 1000 series switches are housed in hardened metal DIN-Rail enclosures. Most of them feature fiber optic connection over various distances. Some are capable of handling up to 6 Gb/s maximum throughput, while the 1005TX handles up to 10 Gb/s. These switches all have redundant power inputs, to further increase their reliability. The 1005TX supports up to 4000 MAC addresses while the rest support up to 1024 addresses. The 1000 series Ethernet switches can configure the RJ-45 ports to match the current speed and flow control capabilities at a given moment.