Product Spotlight: EternaBond Ultimate Roofing Kit

August 1, 2014

EternaBond Ultimate Roofing KitWhen different supplies are needed to complete a job, forgetting a certain tool or product can be a hassle. For roof repair and roof maintenance, EternaBond offers a roofing kit that comes complete with everything needed for basic leak repair. The Ultimate Roofing Kit comes with RoofSeal tape in both black and white, as well as DoubleStick tape. RoofSeal is made to work with nearly any type of roofing material. The UV stable backing keeps it protected from cracking or fading in the sun. RoofSeal can react to surrounding conditions as they change, with its high flexibility. As the name suggests, DoubleStick tape features adhesive on both sides and can be molded to fit in between gaps. This trait is particularly useful when dealing with windows or vents.

Also included are EternaPrime and EternaClean. Both products are used to prepare a surface before tape is applied, making sure the area is clean and that the tape will adhere to the surface. They come in spray can sizes so they are easier to carry. The utility knife allows you to cut the tape to the exact length that you need. The steel roller is used once the tape is applied to make sure it sticks to the surface evenly without leaving any air bubbles. Everything can be stored in the easily portable shoulder bag that comes with the kit.

Besides the roofing kit, Major Electronix offers many different sizes and varieties of EternaBond sealant tape and leak repair products, such as individual rolls of AlumiBond, DoubleStick, RoofSeal and WebSeal.