Mueller Coaxial Cable Assemblies & BNC Connectors

January 9 2024

The line of Mueller coaxial cable assemblies are available online through Major Electronix. Coaxial cables offer greater shielding than twisted pair cable. The selection of cable assemblies features the RG-58 cable that is often used with high frequency electronics, such as televisions and radios. Cables such as RG-58 are ideal in communications, such as Internet applications, due to their resistance to signal interference. The coaxial cable assemblies from Mueller are intended for use in areas that deal with monitoring electric currents, and are mostly used for network analyzers, voltmeters and oscilloscopes. These cable assemblies feature BNC receptacles which ensure an easy connect/disconnect for the cable. The BNC receptacles have gold plated contacts with silver plated housings. The cable length can range from 1 foot up to 50 feet.

One a related note, BNC breakout test leads are also available. They are designed to make it easier to monitor signals and statistics by providing better access to a connection. These test leads are typically 4" in length, though they can be longer, and have a variety of different clips or connectors to fit your application, including grabbers, banana plugs or alligator clips. The grabbers have nylon housings and are designed to stay resistant against conductor materials. The banana plugs are made of a copper alloy with a plastic housing and beryllium copper spring. The alligator clips are nickel-plated steel with PVC insulators. Alligator clips, banana plugs, and grabbers are also available separately. The test leads feature 20 AWG hook up wire that is insulated with 105 C rated PVC.

Also available are single BNC connectors that can be field attached. Named for the designers that created them, this includes female connectors as well as adapters. This allows the user to attach the BNC connector to an RCA plug, male BNC, or SMA connector. These BNC connectors have housings made from brass, with various finishes, including nickel plating, gold plating, or tarnish resistance. Contact material is usually gold-plated beryllium copper. There are also T-connectors, that create three connections, as well as PCB or bulkhead mount BNC connectors that can be attached to a panel. Like all BNC connectors, they have a twist-lock operation for fast connecting or disconnecting.