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Tower & Signaling Lights

Menics tower signaling lights are available through Major Electronix in a number of different configurations, either free-standing or surface mounted. Menics tower lights can have a combination of 1-5 lights in various colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, & clear. The lights themselves come preassembled, all the user has to do is add the necessary mounting components, such as the pole and mounting base. Many of these tower lights are part of a modular system, making it easy to switch out components if needed. Menics tower signal lights feature either lead wire or terminal connections. Qronz tower lights are also available, featuring lead wire connections or an M12 quick disconnect. Some are mixed color, offering the possibility of one of 7 colors in the same light. Other models are available with fixed or adjustable alarms. Major Electronix also handles beacon lights and LED indicators from Menics and Qronz.

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