Sealcon Conduit System Fittings Now Available

April 13 2021

Sealcon conduit system fittingsConduit system fittings from Sealcon are now available through the Major Electronix online store. This currently includes push-in fittings, turn to seal fittings, right angle fittings, and T & Y fittings. Each type has different characteristics, with both threaded and non-threaded versions. They are compatible with Sealcon conduit tubing and are made from either black nylon or nickel-plated brass. Threaded types include NPT, PG, and metric sizes. Conduit systems are found in applications such as railroads, robotics, cranes, automotive, maintenance, renewable energy, and construction.

The Push-In conduit fittings include both straight and snap elbow style. The snap elbow style works in much the same way as the elbow cable glands, in that they snap together into a right angle once the wires have been inserted. Push-in type fittings allow for quicker installation, as they are simply pushed onto the corrugated conduit tubing until they snap into place. Certain types are also rotatable once installed. The DUO series combines a push-in conduit fitting with a built-in strain relief fitting.

The right angle conduit fittings are a rigid elbow type, meaning the fitting is in one molded piece and does not snap together. They are also a push-in, rotatable type.

T & Y type conduit fittings are useful when attaching multiple tubes. Both have three connections, with the T style working with all one size of conduit tubing and the Y style working with two. The T style has two attachments across from each other with one drop down attachment. The Y style has one larger size attachment that splits into two smaller size attachments. Both the T and Y type are non-threaded.

For a turn-to-seal fitting, the cap nut on the fitting is turned to firmly attach the connection after the conduit tubing is inserted. They also come with straight or 90-degree rigid elbow housings. Cables can be quickly inserted into the elbow fittings, as they feature smooth inner walls without obstruction.

A selection of conduit fittings are currently available through our online store. All Sealcon conduit parts are also available for purchase over the phone or by email.