Non-Circuited Form A DIN 43650 Connectors

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Form A DIN 43650 Hardwired Connectors Without Circuit

A large variety of Form A hardwired female DIN 43650 (EN 175301-803) connectors are available through Major Electronix from several manufacturers, including Hirschmann, HTP and Omal. They are available with or without a gasket. HTP connectors have a removable grommet to accommodate a greater range of cable sizes. Both Omal and Hirschmann have black or gray housing options. They are 2 + ground or 3 + ground, with screw termination and cable entries to accommodate cable or conduit. These female DIN form A connectors come in PG 9, PG 11 or 1/2" NPT cable entry sizes and have 18mm pin spacing. Gasket options include NBR profile, NBR flat & EPDM flat. Most Omal connectors come with a thermoplastic flat gasket. They carry IP ratings for dust and water protection, and are versatile enough to be useful in many different types of applications, specifically with solenoid valves. Other common uses include hydraulic and pneumatic applications. A few specialized HTP Type A DIN connectors include ATEX approved and UL approved versions.