LiteCycle IP67 Rated Aluminum Enclosures

August 3 2018

LiteCycle Aluminum EnclosuresWhen exposure to water or dust is a concern with your application, LiteCycle aluminum terminal boxes and junction boxes are the perfect solution. When you are dealing with electrical connections, especially if they are outdoor installations, keeping moisture from getting at them becomes crucial. LiteCycle’s aluminum electrical enclosures are IP 67 rated, indicating complete protection from dust, and the ability to be submerged in water (when closed) up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The aluminum terminal enclosures feature an integrated terminal strip and are able to meet various quality and safety standards. The ability to be used in outdoor applications makes them useful in a number of demanding industries, such as gas supply facilities, petrochemical plant facilities, welding, robotics, machinery, and automobile applications. The built-in terminal strip streamlines installation, saving time and cost. Dimensions for mounting hole locations are molded inside. Grounding options include the tapped screw boss in the cover, as well as the tapped screw bosses in the base. They are available in nine different configurations, with the number of terminal connections ranging from 8-80.

LiteCycle's aluminum junction boxes come in twelve different sizes and can be used as a project or control box. There are screw locations in the cover for grounding, and in the base to support the base plate. Like the terminal enclosures, the junction boxes have molded locations for mounting holes. They have a gray powder finish that helps protect them from corrosion. They are ideal for industrial plants, robotics, warehouses, electronics, and pneumatic applications.

If waterproof protection isn't necessary, LiteCycle ABS plastic enclosures are IP 65 rated, meaning total protection from dust and water jets. They are available in solid gray, gray with a clear cover, or ivory. For more information, see our application chart on the types of LiteCycle enclosures