New! Sealcon VariaPro Strain Relief Cable Glands

May 5 2020

Sealcon VariaPro cable glands A brand-new addition to the Major Electronix online store is the line of Sealcon VariaPro strain relief cable glands. These liquid tight cable glands are designed for use under more extreme conditions than the standard cord grips. They can be used in environments with extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, or railway applications. Available in nickel-plated brass dome style, they are currently available in metric sizes ranging from M20 to M40 size thread. They all feature dual inserts to be compatible with a wider cable range than their standard counterparts.

While they all have a nickel-plated brass body, the main difference is in the inserts. The cord grips with black inserts are VariaPro Rail. They have an EPDM insert and are made for railway or transport applications. They meet the standards for DIN EN 45545-2 and DIN EN 45545-3, for railway fire protection. They also have an impact resistance of 7 Joule (according to DIN IEC 62444). VariaPro Rail has an operating temperature range of -40 F to 212 F.

Those with the red inserts are VariaPro Temp. They have a silicone (VMQ) insert and are intended for use in very high or very low temperatures. These strain relief fittings have an operating temperature range of -76 F to 392 F. Silicone has low heat conductivity, allowing it to withstand much higher temperatures.

Finally, the cable glands with the green inserts are known as VariaPro Chem. They have an FKM (fluoro-elastomer) insert and are designed for applications that need high acid and chemical resistance. They are also used in areas that are directly affected by the environment. VariaPro Chem has an operating temperature range of -4 F to 356 F.

Sealcon VariaPro cable glands have a space saving housing and have a 10 Bar pressure rating. They are also rated IP 68, indicating total protection from dust and immersion in water. They are all EMI/RFI ready for applications with potential electromagnetic interference. The nickel-plated brass body stands up to exposure from salt water, most acids, alkalis, and oils. These strain relief fittings are available for purchase either online or over the phone.