ILME High Temperature Enclosures

April 17, 2014

ILME High Temperature EnclosuresThe range of rectangular enclosures available through Major Electronix includes a selection of ILME high temperature enclosures. These enclosures have a red painted finish to separate them from the rest of the ILME line. These housings and hoods are made to be used in applications with more extreme temperatures. Standard enclosures can't be used for these applications, as they do not have as wide of an operating temperature range.

The ILME high temperature enclosures can withstand temperatures up to 180 C (356 F). They can also be used in areas where the temperatures get particularly cold, down to -40 C (-40 F). These enclosures are constructed with materials that allow them to be used in high temp areas. They are fitted with a special fluoro-elastomer gasket. Fluoro-elastomer is a material that is made for harsher temperatures. The insulating strips inside provide further protection. The 180 C series of ILME enclosures have thermoset powder coating that adds to their stability. The thermoset coating is best suited for particularly high temperature environments. They are intended for use with the ILME high temp inserts. The enclosures themselves are metal, constructed from die cast aluminum.

Like the rest of the ILME line, the high temperature housings and hoods are made to be durable, while being able to handle high stress situations. They also have protection class ratings for dust and water exposure. These enclosures can be purchased online or over the phone.