Cnlinko Power, Signal, and Data Connectors

January 22 2019

Cnlinko industrial connectorsMajor Electronix now carries a selection of industrial connectors from Cnlinko. Made for power, data, and signal applications, each series has different design features made to serve different functions. Currently available through our online store are the LP-20, LP-24, and YA-20 series, with the YT-RJ45 series on the way. These circular connectors come in several sizes and configurations, including multi-pin, USB, and RJ45 plugs. They are useful in a number of areas including audio equipment, LED screens, lighting, stage equipment, and more.

The LP-20 series is designated by its 20mm installation size. These connectors have a self-locking design, with a button for easy release. Pin counts range from 2-12 pins, in both male and female versions. Male plugs fit into a female connector or panel mount socket, and female plugs can fit into a male connector or panel mount socket. Female plugs are recognized by their yellow housing, while standard male plugs are black. They are made for power or signal applications depending on the pin count.

The LP-24 series is slightly bigger with a 24mm installation size. They have the same self-locking mechanism as the LP-20 series. This series has 3 pin male or female power connectors, as well as RJ45, USB, or fiber optic connectors for signal or data applications. Plugs fit into the corresponding panel mount socket. Each type has color coded symbols for easy identification, with red for power, yellow for RJ45, blue for USB, and green for fiber optic. Also like the LP-20 series, the connectors are plastic, while the hardware and metal sockets are zinc alloy.

The YA-20 series is similar to the LP-20 series, except these housings have a 1/4 twist lock bayonet style housing. They are also available with 2-12 pins and can be used for power or signal applications. Male or female plugs fit with the corresponding panel mount socket. This series also has metal flip-top covers for the sockets, with a 21mm installation size. They are made from the same materials as the previously mentioned series, including gold plated copper alloy contacts.

Currently being added is the YT-RJ45 series, which features both circular and rectangular RJ45 connectors made for Ethernet connections in signal applications. Panel mount sockets and plugs can have plastic or metal housings. They are compatible with Cat5e and have a data transfer rate of 10GB/s. Housings can have a 1/4 bayonet connector or a snap-fastener design.