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Plastic Fan Guards from GardTec

The design of the GardTec plastic fan guards allows for more airflow, while also creating little noise. Like the wire form fan guards, the plastic guards are beneficial in keeping dust away from the fan and in keeping electronic equipment cool, while providing a cost effective solution. The two types of plastic fan guards available include thru-hole fan guards and snap-on fan guards. The thru-hole fan guards allow hardware to pass through them in order to attach directly to the fan or housing. No hardware is needed to mount the snap-on plastic fan guards, making them a time saving, cost efficient solution. They are ideal for situations where speed of assembly is a primary concern. The plastic fan guards range in size from 40mm to 162mm. The black plastic material is UL rated at 94V-0. They are the same type of fan guards that are sold with the GardTec fan filter assemblies. These fan guards can be cross referenced with brands such as Qualtek, Comair and ETRI.

Plastic fan guards are made to fit cooling fans that are the same size. They are important cooling fan accessories to have, as they can have an affect on the fan's operation. Therefore it is not ideal for a cooling fan to go without the corresponding fan guard. Like the wire form guards, plastic cooling fan guards protect the fan from large debris. Plastic guards also increase safety by keeping objects such as fingers away from the fan blades. If a cooling fan guard is too obstructive, it can cause the heat to collect inside the device, which can cause damage. GardTec plastic fan guards still allow for the proper amount of airflow. Keeping the fan free from debris lowers its energy consumption. Fans that do not require a particularly high rate of airflow are the ones mostly benefited from the use of a fan guard.

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1/20/2014 - Gardtec Plastic Fan Guards