Fandis FF Series Fan Filter Assemblies Now Available

May 8, 2015

Fandis FF Series Fan Filter AssembliesThe variety of new products now available from Major Electronix includes a selection of FF series fan filter assemblies from Fandis. Intended to be an update to the older FPF Series, they feature enhancements to their design and operation. These fan filter assemblies are made to be used as a way to control the temperatures inside a control cabinet. This is ideal when a system such as an air conditioner or heater is not necessary to control the inside temperature.

One of the main characteristics to the overall design is the ability to install the assembly without needing screws to mount it. The assembly can be pushed into the square opening for an easy and fast installation. Or course, using screws is always an option for a more permanent mounting, or for thicker cabinets. The filter covers use sliding catches so they can be easily attached or removed. This also makes it simple to replace the filter media from the outside without needing tools. The seal between the base and cover that was part of the FPF series is no longer needed. Instead there is ribbing that directs any water runoff to the outside. Like the FPF series, the FF series filters are made from ABS/PC alloy, which is great for impact resistance and durability.

Most of the FF series can be crossed with the older FPF series, and can come with or without a fan. A few of the FPF series models are still available, but they will be replaced with the newer FF series units as they sell out.