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Wire Accessories

Major Electronix offers a selection of wire accessories from Hoffman Products, which is a division of TPC Wire & Cable. These accessories include closed end connectors, cable ties, terminals, and heat shrink. The closed end connectors are made from nylon with a tin plated copper insert. Once crimped, they can create an electrical connection between multiple wires. The black nylon cable ties feature UV protection, and can easily keep a bundle of wire secure. They can withstand the stresses of the industrial environment as well as abrasion & exposure to certain chemicals. The heat shrink comes in 500 ft reels, in different sizes. It can be used to protect connections and inline components, as well as help identify wire. The extensive selection of ring terminals includes both insulated and non-insulated versions, with a variety of stud sizes. Wire gauge ranges from 22-10 AWG. Also available are insulated and non-insulated pin terminals from Cembre, many of which are used with their line of mechanical crimping tools.

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