Push Button Enclosures from LiteCycle

January 11 2022

LiteCycle push button boxWhile there are a number of push button boxes available that can blend into the surrounding machinery, sometimes you need one that will be easily noticeable. Whether there is an emergency or if you simply need to locate the enclosure at a distance, LiteCycle push button boxes are beneficial.

These push button enclosures are made from PBT plastic, with a red or yellow colored resin cover. PBT plastic usually costs more than similar ABS plastic models but it is also more durable. PBT is a type of thermoplastic and stands up to exposure from solvents, making it more resistant to corrosion. It also is able to withstand heat, so it is ideal for electrical applications. These enclosures can have 1, 2, 3, or 4 push button entries, with the 4 entry boxes having a 1 x 4 configuration. They can accommodate push button switches with a mounting diameter of 22 mm, 25 mm, or 30 mm. The 1 and 2 push button entry enclosures are available with either a red and yellow cover, while the 3 and 4 entry boxes are only available with yellow. Red is intended for push button boxes in emergency situations, such as for E-Stop switches, while yellow is for cautionary applications. The colored resin covers retain their color without fading over time. They also feature counter rotating locks with a screw cover.

LiteCycle push button enclosures have a molded knockout located at the center of the base on the narrow side for installation of cables without drilling. The knockout can be removed by placing the tip of a flat head screwdriver along the edge and hitting the end until the knockout pops out. Sometimes you may need to go along the edge to remove it completely. Knockout sizes typically match the size of the push button entry.

Push button boxes from LiteCycle are part of a larger line of electrical enclosures that also includes aluminum junction boxes and plastic or aluminum enclosures with an integrated terminal strip.