LED High & Low Bay Utility Lights Lower Costs

October 29, 2019

LED High Bay Utility LightsUsing LED high or low bay utility lights in existing fixtures saves money in the long run. These lights are designed for industrial use in warehouses, factories, parking garages, gas station canopies, security lighting, and more. The high bay and low bay LED lamps from Light Efficient Design are all made to be retrofitted into existing fixtures. This not only saves on costs but also reduces the hassle of having to purchase and install an entirely new fixture. LED utility lights have a longer lifespan and consume less energy than their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts, which will save on electricity bills and maintenance costs.

High bay and low bay lights mainly differ in the ceiling height for which they are intended. Basically, high bay LED lights should be installed in ceiling heights higher than 20 ft., while low bay LED lights are made for ceilings less than 20 ft high. The reflectors on a high bay fixture are intended to make sure the light gets directed downward. High bay bulbs also typically have a higher luminosity, meaning they are brighter than low bay lights, as they have a larger area to cover. Mixing up the two can cause the space to be under or over lit. Major Electronix offers a number of different types of high and low bay LED lights. High bays range from 90W to 270W, which can replace bulbs in 250W to 1000W fixtures. Low bays range from 45W to 75W, which replaces 175W to 250W fixtures, depending on the bulb.

Certain bulbs may also be eligible for rebates. Some electrical companies offer rebates when upgrading to LED lights. This can be a prescriptive rebate, meaning once it has been determined that the LED lamp meets certain standards, a rebate is given by the utility company. The other type is a midstream rebate, in which the rebate has already been factored into the cost of the LED when the light is sold. Rebate programs can vary by utility company and the type of bulb.