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M8 Hardwired Connectors

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M8 Hardwired Connectors for Smaller Applications

Major Electronix handles the selection of M8 hardwired connectors from Mencom. They are constructed from black PVC, which is oil resistant, with gold plated copper alloy contacts. They have pin counts of 3 or 4 contacts and are available in male or female, straight or right angle configurations. They feature PG 7 cable openings and accommodate 4-5 mm cable. The compact size of the M8 connectors are perfect for smaller applications, such as in sensors and actuators. They are useful in attaching transmitters and other similar types of equipment. The M8 size comes in handy when the available space is at a premium. Sometimes referred to as Pico connectors, they are part of the Mencom NAN series, which also includes M8 molded cables in varying lengths.