Red Lion Panel Meters

October 9, 2015

Red Lion Panel MetersThe newest addition to our online store is the selection of panel meters from Red Lion. We offer panel meters from the C48, PAX, PAX Lite, & PAX2 Dual Line series. Each series has unique characteristics to set them apart, as well as to meet the needs of the desired application. Different models are useful for analog or digital applications. Some can handle multiple functions, while others are designed to focus on a specific task. Housed in a 1/16 or 1/8 DIN casing, they all feature front panels that are NEMA 4X/IP 65 rated. Many also include function keys on the front for easy programming and settings adjustments.

The C48 series features 1/16 DIN housings, with reflective or LCD backlit red/green dual line displays. It includes batch counters, preset counters, and preset timers, with certain models having RS-485 communications capabilities. Output configurations can be single, dual, or triple, with NPN open collector or relay output combinations. Preset counters and timers can be single or dual, depending on the model. The C48 series is useful for such applications as counting & totalizing, batch counting, preset counting, time control, or elapsed timing.

The PAX, PAX2 Dual Line, and PAX Lite series all have 1/8 DIN housings with LED displays. Many of them can be customized with such features as communications capability, setpoint alarm outputs, or retransmitted analog outputs through the use of separate option cards. Crimson software is also available with certain models for easy configuration and setup. The PAX series includes units for indicating rate, temperature, count, process, and time, with a few being able to act as a real-time clock. The meters in this series feature red or green, 5 or 6 digit displays. The PAX2 series builds on the features found in the PAX series, with the added bonus of a dual line display and faster updating. PAX2 units have a 6 digit top line with a 9 digit bottom line, with the top line being programmable for red, green, or orange. This series offers three versatile units with universal AC/DC power. The PAX Lite series has red 5 to 8 digit displays, with each unit made to carry out a certain function. This makes them easy to setup and program. This series can be applied to both digital and analog applications, such as counting, timing, rate, temperature, and AC or DC current and voltage.

The entire selection of products, including accessories such as labeling kits or option cards, can be ordered online or by phone.