Corn Cob & Post Top LED Bulbs

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LED Post Top & Corn Cob Bulbs

The range of LED post top/shoe box lights from Light Efficient Design includes several different sizes and varieties to suit your application. Color temperature options are typically cool white light 3000K, neutral white 4200K or 4000K, or daylight 5700K. The corn cob style has LEDs all the way around for a 360 degree beam angle. They are ideal for municipal or security lighting, along roadways or in parking lots, or in canopy fixtures. This category also includes the line of corn cob LED light bulbs from Bright 1000, which includes both 360 and 180 degree bulbs. The Bright 1000 lamps are available in 4000K or 5700K. Corn cob LED lights are useful for replacing select HID lamps such as metal halide lamps. They are much more energy-efficient, last longer, work better in cold temperatures, reach their full brightness almost immediately, and do not produce a lot of heat as a byproduct, which can help with cooling costs. Moreover, some LEDs are suitable for use in damp locations, are compatible with select lighting fixtures, and can deliver a wide range of color temperatures (from cool to warm white) and an equally wide range and amount of light outputs.

Illuminating a specific area outdoors is much easier said than done. Not only do you require a light source that is bright enough to get the job done, but you need something that is energy-efficient, easy to install, long-lasting, and cost-effective. That is precisely where LED corn bulbs, or LED corn cob lights, can come in to save the day. These bulbs are conveniently named after what they closely resemble: corn cobs. They come in varying sizes to meet specific requirements, but each of these LED lights contains 80 to 108 diodes.

These particular light bulbs can be utilized in an array of locations, but are most commonly used outdoors in places like highway and street lighting. This is because they check all the boxes that most outdoor lighting scenarios require.

But what exactly is it about LED corn lights that are so enticing and practical for outdoor lighting?

More cost-effective and energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs
Easy to install
Incredibly bright; as bright, if not brighter, than HID bulbs
Last for roughly 50,000 hours
Significantly lower heat output than CFLs
Often are self-cooling

Are you ready to provide optimal lighting for your outdoor area? Then browse our selection of LED corn bulbs to make that happen. If you have any questions about these bulbs or any of our other offerings, feel free to call our customer service team at 800-966-2345 today!