Product Spotlight: Sealcon PG Flex Strain Relief Fittings

August 4 2022

Sealcon PG flex strain relief fittings range from PG 7 to PG 21 thread sizes and are available in nylon plastic or nickel-plated brass. As is the case with the dome fittings, the flex fittings are liquid tight to 150 psi and are submersible up to 300 feet. They are used in a wide variety of industries to connect cable, such as marine, renewable energy, automotive, robotics, and medicine. Also referred to as cord grips or cable glands, they are made to stand up to corrosion when exposed to various substances. This includes salt water, weak acids, alcohol, gasoline, and mineral, animal, or vegetable oil. Flex nut strain relief cord grips also have the added bonus of preventing the cable from kinking or chafing, by providing it with a flexible, yet stable bend.

PG stands for Panzer-Gewinde (or Panzer-Rohr-Gewinde), which is a German thread type. PG has a straight thread (as opposed a tapered NPT thread). The thread depth is smaller than NPT or metric sizes, but the flank angle is larger. PG threads are at an 80-degree angle, instead of the 60-degree angle found in metric or NPT threads.

The nylon plastic flex cable glands are available in black or gray. The black nylon is also ozone stable, making it useful in areas that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, such as the solar power and photovoltaic industries. The UL f1 (746C) ozone stable rating indicates that the strain relief fitting will resist fading and cracking when exposed to UV light. The nickel-plated brass flex nut cable glands are particularly ideal for marine applications due to their high corrosion resistance. Both the nylon and nickel-plated brass PG flex fittings can have a standard or reduced insert. The reduced insert is made for smaller diameter cables. These inserts, along with the multi-hole inserts, can be swapped out to increase versatility.

The complete line of Sealcon PG flex strain relief cord grips is available through Major Electronix. Besides the standard fittings, this also includes 90-degree snap-elbow housings, enlarged or reduced housings, elongated threads, or EMI/RFI proof fittings.