Ivory Terminal Enclosures for Office & Medical Use

March 5 2024

The ivory terminal enclosures from LiteCycle feature an integrated terminal block, which saves on the time and cost of purchasing a separate one and having to install it. They are made from ABS plastic, which is a durable material made to resist impact and exposure to chemicals. As an insulating thermoplastic, ABS is ideal for electrical applications. Most of the ivory enclosures have molded knockouts along the side of the housing for easy cable entry. Other versions have smooth side walls so custom size cable entries can be drilled in if the application requires it. When used with the appropriate size liquid tight cord grips, the ivory electrical enclosures offer a protection rating of IP 65. IP 65 indicates total protection from dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction.

Like the other types of LiteCycle terminal enclosures, which include aluminum and gray ABS plastic, the ivory version is ideal for specific environments. They are most suited for use in office spaces and for medical devices, as these are areas that require a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The ivory enclosure with its solid plastic cover will more easily blend into the background of a white or light-colored wall, providing connection where you need it without being conspicuous. When outside appearance matters, the ivory electrical enclosures are the perfect solution.

There are currently 13 different versions of the ivory terminal enclosures. Sizes range from 3.54” 1.85” x 1.77” to 9.25” x 3.15” x 2.2”. They can be square or rectangular, with terminals arranged in a single line or in a side-by-side configuration. They can support 4, 6, 10, 15, 20, or 30 circuits in a flat or stair layout. The ivory terminal enclosures will accommodate wire gauge sizes of 14-20 AWG and have screw covers. LiteCycle’s ivory terminal enclosures are also all made to meet the standards set by UL208A:2005, which are standards for industrial control panels.