Hirschmann Ethernet Switches Overview

December 1 2022

The selection of Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches available through Major Electronix includes unmanaged and managed, DIN-Rail and rackmount models. The SPIDER III series are unmanaged DIN-Rail mount switches that feature auto-negotiation, auto-polarity, and auto-crossing. The SPIDER III series has standard models as well as premium models that are customizable via software and stand up to a wider range of temperatures. There are also the SPIDER III PoE, or Power over Ethernet switches. Power over Ethernet switches can transmit power and data at the same time through one network cable. The SPIDER III switches are an upgrade over the older SPIDER II series Ethernet switches. Many of the SPIDER series Ethernet switches also have single or multi-mode fiber ports.

Media modules such as the MICE series are managed switches that allow the user to easily configure the system they need to meet their requirements. Using modular Ethernet switches are ideal when needing to expand to reduce the size of a network. The MACH series are rackmount fully managed Ethernet switches that also use media modules to customize the number of ports that fit the size of a network. The MACH series are workgroup switches, meaning they are made to handle traffic of a local area network, or LAN. All of them feature gigabit capability, and have the capacity for fiber or PoE connections, depending on the type of media modules used with them.

There are also a few other models, including GECKO Lite managed switches that feature basic monitoring and configuration software. They also have space-saving housings, similar to the SPIDER series. The OCTOPUS series are managed or unmanaged switches that carry an IP 67 waterproof rating. IP 67 indicates a total protection from dust as well as temporary submersion in water when all ports are connected (up to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes).