The New Macromatic TR-6 Series of Time Delay Relays

April 7 2017

Macromatic TR-6 Series time delay relaysThe line of TR-6 series Macromatic time delay relays has been updated to provide more versatility with a single unit. The TR-6 series now offers relays with a universal voltage of 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC, which can replace several single voltage units. These time delay relays also feature a wider timing range of 0.05 seconds to 100 hours. These updated models take the place of the older TR-6 series units, and allow the user to actually decrease the amount of different relays that are required. The older units featured single voltages, and most had a timing range of 0.1 second to 2 hours. Having more options in a single unit can reduce the amount of relays that are needed for an application.

The TR-6 series relays feature both single function and multi-function units, including On Delay, Interval On, Flasher, Watchdog, Single Shot, Off Delay, Repeat Cycle, and Delayed Interval. Our convenient chart explains how each timing function works. The time delay is set in 2 simple steps. One of 16 timing ranges is chosen using a rotary switch, while a specific setting within that range is made using a potentiometer. All of the TR-6 series time delay relays have a plug-in housing, using an 8 pin or 11 pin octal socket.

Note that the one exception to this is the TR-606 range of True Off time delay relays. The TR-606 relays still come in single voltages of 12 VDC, 24 VAC/DC, 120 VAC, & 240 VAC. They feature 8 timing ranges from 0.05 sec to 30 minutes. Operation is mainly the same, with a rotary switch and potentiometer making the time range adjustments. In the case of the multi-function relays, a second rotary switch chooses the function.